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Water Purifier in municipal supply water then water will be purified. A U.V purifier cannot remove dissolved impurities so that’s why a U.V.  Based purifier cannot improve the taste of water. The taste will be remain same as its  in input water and if we install a R.O. system at low TDS water then may be the TDS will be go below the desire level which is not suitable for drinking so for those is  system R.O. followed by U.V. sterilization with a special TDS controller.

It also not use any chemical to purify water.

We  not only produce traditional filters but we also produce Anti-Oxidant Alkaline filers. the water but also added essential minerals to the water. Thus the water Purifier becomes 100% Mineralized.

We are working on water and trying to make qualitative water as much as possible. We try to do this by making filters that match international standards as well as making them available top to our valuable customers at the best price.

Our goal is to provide “ Quality Components” at reasonable prices, ensuring the best possible life span and maximum customer benefits for each product.




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